Basic Skills & CDA

Before registering for an EFDA course, dental auxiliaries MUST provide proof of a prerequisite certification or examination, no exception. An RDH may apply with proof of their Missouri RDH license. 

Missouri Rule states that to be eligible to take Expanded Function courses, assistants must have proof of certification as a Certified Dental Assistant or a Certified Orthodontics Assistant (for Orthodontic EFDA only), or proof of passing the Missouri Test of Basic Dental Assisting Skills. All three of these pathways are available through the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB).

Certified Dental Assistant

Successful completion of the CDA exam will lead to a national certification that is highly valued by both employers and patients. The DANB website includes everything you need to know about this certification. Click to learn more.

Certified Orthodontic Assistant 

Earning COA Certification helps orthodontic assistants stand out in the dental assisting profession. The DANB website includes everything you need to know about this certification. Click to learn more. The COA Certification satisfies the prerequisite for the Orthodontic EFDA only. 

Missouri Test of Basic Dental Assisting Skills 

The Missouri Test of Basic Dental Assisting Skills (Basic Skills) is an additional pathway for EFDA courses and also must be completed through DANB. The MDA offers an in-person Review for the Basic Skills. Click below for full details. 

Basic Skills Exam In-Person Review

Steps to Taking the Basic Skills Exam 

  1. Candidates must mail/fax the complete the exam application for the Missouri Test of Basic Dental Assisting Skills, along with the $240 fee to DANB. Download your application packet.
  2. Allow up to 2 weeks for DANB to process the exam application. Once your application is approved, you will receive a notification from DANB by email that provides a link to schedule your exam at a test center or through online remote proctoring.
  3. The candidate has a 60-day window to schedule and take the exam at a Pearson Vue testing center. In some cases, you may be able to take the exam online in your home. 
  4. After the exam appointment is scheduled the candidate will receive a confirmation via email (if the email address was provided) or regular mail from Pearson VUE.
    • Candidates should open and read all email and/or mail from Pearson VUE. 
    • There will be important information regarding the appointment. 
  5. The candidate will receive preliminary results at the test center upon completing the exam. Official exam results will come approximately two to four weeks after the exam was administered. YOU MUST HAVE OFFICIAL RESULTS TO APPLY FOR YOUR EFDA PERMIT. 
  6. If you have not received your official exam results by mail within 4 weeks, contact DANB (within 90 days of your exam date) for results to be resent at no charge. 

Retaking a Failed Exam

If the candidate takes an exam and does not pass, the candidate must reapply for the exam with a new application with any required documentation and fee in order to take the exam again.

Duplicate Certificate or Verification of Credentials

Duplicate exam results are available by submitting a DANB Duplicate Exam Result Request, along with a $50 fee. You also may be able to verify and print your DANB issued credentials for free at this link.