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Removable Prosthetics

Before you register for a course and begin your coursework, please read over this entire page to ensure your understanding of the process and various components. 


The EFDA Removable Prosthetics Course includes:

  • Clinical Prework (Fabrication of custom impression trays for removable prosthetics)
  • Anatomical Landmarks Exam
  • Online Modules comprised of presentation, text, photos, illustrations and videos
  • Online practice quizzes
  • Skills Standards (grade sheets)
  • Clinical Course and Competency Testing

Online Course Modules

Anatomical Landmarks Exam

The Removable Prosthetics module has a prerequisite Anatomical Landmarks exam that will expose you to maxillary and mandibular intra‐oral landmarks in a variety of ways to assist you with their identification. The exam may be taken at any time during your review period, as long as it is successfully completed 1 week prior to the clinical course.

Online Modules

You are required to progress through each Module as least once before the clinical course. However, you may review each Module as many times as you wish so that you are confident about performing the skills in the clinical course, where you will be graded for competency. Think of these Modules as your guidebook for the course. Additionally, Modern Dental Assisting is the official textbook recommended by the MDA EFDA Program for all Courses offered.

There are two pre-clinical modules:

  • Course Overview (Supervision & Delegation)
  • Infection Control & Patient Positioning

There are three clinical modules:

  • Module 1: Making Impressions for the Fabrication of Removable Prosthesis and Placement of Temporary Soft Liners in a Removable Prosthesis
  • Module 2: Practical Occlusion for a Removable Prosthetic EFDA
  • Module 3: Extra-Oral Adjustment of a Removable Prosthesis During and After Insertion

Each clinical module includes an accompanying quiz. The quizzes are designed to help you reflect on the main points of the module as you continue to prepare to attend the clinical course. Quizzes are automatically graded online.

Skills Standards (Grade Sheets)
Skills Standards are provided as part of the online course modules so that students and their doctors are aware of what criteria is used to assess competency as demonstrated at the hands-on clinical course. Students and their doctors are strongly encouraged to review and discuss these Skills Standards to correctly anticipate what must be successfully demonstrated for certification and subsequent permitting.

Clinical Course Prework

Fabrication of Custom Impression Trays

This is a self‐instruction module that must be completed before attending the clinical course. A set of edentulous casts will be mailed to you for the fabrication of the custom trays. The casts include all the necessary anatomical features. Custom trays will be graded at the EFDA Clinical Course.

Clinical Course Notes

Modern Dental Assisting Text

Modern Dental Assisting is the official textbook recommended by the MDA EFDA Program for all Courses offered. Assistants should own a personal copy or have a dental office copy they can access for additional information related to topics discussed and procedures shown. Where applicable throughout the curriculum, the Modern Dental Assisting reference will be noted. Click to purchase Modern Dental Assisting from the MDA at a reduced price.