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Program Supporters

In addition to the tireless efforts of numerous member dentists throughout the years, who have made the MDA EFDA program what is is, we thank the following funders and allied businesses:

Grant Funders

In 2009, UMKC and MDA began updating the courses and delivery of the 15-year-old EFDA program curriculum through a multi-year grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH). in 2014, the MDA concluded another grant from MFH that supported the development of curriculum for the 2013 Restorative II rule.

Allied Dental Businesses

  • Dentsply Sirona donated Aquasil impression material used in Prosthetics courses.
  • Edmonds Dental Prosthetics donated denture setups to be used as a teaching tool for the Removable Prosthetics course and continues to donate crown and bridge preparations for the Fixed Prosthetics course, and/or provide discounts on course preps.
  • Garrison Dental Solutions donated matrix systems for use in the MDA Restorative II course.
  • Goetze Dental donated toolkit instruments (crown and bridge scissors, rubber clamps and acorn carvers) for the Restorative course, and/or provide discounts on course preps.

Curriculum Updates

We especially acknowledge the efforts and contributions of the following UMKC School of Dentistry faculty and MDA members who assisted with the curriculum updates that occurred as a part of the grants provided by the Missouri Foundation for Health.

UMKC Faculty

Dr. Laura Iwasaki

Dr. Eric Gottman

Dr. Jeff Nickel

Dr. James Parrott

Dr. John Purk

Dr. Tim Taylor

Dr. Elrod Weldon

Dr. Brian Williams

Bill Marse

MDA Member Dentists

Dr. Ed Kendrick

Dr. Joe Shea

Dr. Susan Sherrick-Benson

Dr. Jim Osborne

Dr. James Klarsch

Dr. Rolfe McCoy

Dental Assistant Educators

Janet Sell

Karen Dent

Linda Twehous