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Course Registration Process

You will select an available EFDA clinical course date for the expanded functions you desire to attain (Restorative I, Restorative II, Orthodontics, Removable Prosthetics, Fixed Prosthetics). You must fully complete the course Registration form and waiver and pay your course fee to be considered registered for a course! You also must include with your form and payment a copy of any required certification or permit verification. You may fax or mail the registration materials. You can find a specific form for each course in the following course sections. 

If you register well in advance of the course date and wish to have the online review opened before the normal review period to allow additional study time, you may email the MDA or call 573-634-3436 to make this request. Please allow 5-10 days for information and packets to be mailed.

Upcoming Course Dates

The MDA works to schedule courses as often as possible to meet the demands of dental assistant EFDA training. If it states there are "no courses scheduled at this time," please note we will add courses as soon as they are coordinated with member dentists. You may check to see if other Course Providers have open courses. The courses listed below are those that both still have open spots and are not past the final registration deadline.

Course sizes are limited and are filled on a first come, first served basis. You are encouraged to register early to ensure availability. You are NOT considered registered until required copies of certification/permits are received by the MDA.

Restorative I 
$550 per 1-day course

Saturday, September 25 (8am-5pm)

Weimer Dental (Kansas City)

Suggested Registration Deadline: August 14

FINAL Registration Deadline: September 11

Restorative II
$975 per 2-day course; fee includes typodont
Clinical session and competency exam are paired and scheduled 4 weeks apart. You must be able to attend both dates listed. More details can be found in the registration packet. 

Clinical Session - Friday, November 19 (8am-5pm)

Competency Exam - Friday, December 17 (9am-12:30pm)

Bennett Family Dentistry (Cape Girardeau)

FINAL Registration Deadline: October 22

Clinical Session - Friday, October 15 (8am-5pm)

Competency Exam - Friday, November 12 (9am-12:30pm)

Woodland Dental Care (Florissant)

FINAL Registration Deadline: September 17


 per 1-day course

More courses scheduled soon. Check back periodically. 

Fixed Prosthetics 
$650 per 1-day course

Saturday, December 11 (8am-5pm)

Town Center Dental (Wildwood)

Suggested Registration Deadline: October 29

FINAL Registration Deadline: November 26

Removable Prosthetics 
$650 per 1-day course

Friday, December 10 (8am-5pm)

Town Center Dental (Wildwood)

Suggested Registration Deadline: October 29

FINAL Registration Deadline: November 26